You Aren’t Ready For A Relationship


Being in a relationship is a matter of commitment, dedication, obligation and duty. Have you thought whether you are ready to take up this responsibility or not? At times, you may feel that relationships are necessary for a stable and normal lifestyle. But are you in a position to dedicate your time, energy, affection to that one person, you are likely to date? You might have thought of it but you are reluctant in doing it. And there can be a number of reasons behind this.

You expect more than required

You’ve probably thought of your love story to be similar to some fairy tale. But, reality entails something else. Maintaining a proper relationship is not an easy task. You need to give in order to receive. You want the best partner for yourself, but for that, you need to work on yourself. You need to make yourself worthy of a beautiful and committed relationship. Your partner, might have contradictory views which might end up in an argument. You have to be ready to face that. So, instead of looking out for a perfect person, make yourself perfect.

You haven’t really discovered your true self, yet

Despite your regular routine of work, there is a part of you that needs to be discovered. It might be a hobby that you want to focus upon, in your life, or it can be any possible thing under the sun that you might want to do. The more you connect to new people, discover new places, the more satisfied you become.  Youth is all about utilizing your true potential for something fruitful than building up imaginary ideas of your love story. Be committed to yourself, first. It is only then that you can be committed to someone else.

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You use your relationship as a shield

Relationships need your care and protection. You are not supposed to use your relationship as a protective garb against all your problems. Your partner can be your support system, not your hero. You need to tackle your own problems, without completely relying on your partner to make your life better. This makes your life inert and dependent, thereby giving the other a chance to control your life.

You are not your partner’s janitor

Relationship means complete acceptance of one another. You are supposed to accept the perfections as well as flaws, equally. In case you try to change the weaknesses of the other, in order to perfect her/him or to meet with your ideal expectations, you might end up ruining the relationship. If he/she has to change, that will be on their own free will.

You are still hung onto your ex

No matter how much you try, you cannot get over your ex. You might have had a bad relationship in the past, but you have to get over it. Your partner is not your relationship mentor. All you have to do is be yourself and let time heal everything. Time is an amazing healer, and no matter how depressed you are today, you would be feeling better tomorrow. So, wait.

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