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Women Don’t Care About the Expensive Gifts, They Only Care About Your Time and Attention

By Prudence Hutt

While it is really sweet of you to get her all kinds of pretty things and to take her out to nice restaurants, these really aren’t what your girlfriend needs from you. Material gifts are well and good but she really just wants your time and attention, for you to be there when she needs someone and the surety that you have got her back. Even if she needs time to let her guard down around you, don’t take it the wrong way. Her past has taught her that she needs to protect herself so just give her your love and remain patient and steady. The love she’ll give to you in return will be well worth the effort.

This might not be very clear to you straight away but the truth is, she’d give up material pleasures readily if it meant being in a loving and strong relationship. Money won’t mean anything if you aren’t there to spend time with her. She knows that all the rest is just superficial glamour which can’t beat the feeling of experiencing raw and passionate love. Things don’t catch her fancy. All she is looking for is a partner who will love her with all his heart and without any conditions.

Even if you give her the world’s most expensive diamonds it won’t matter to her as much as knowing that you always set aside time for her. Knowing that you’re always there supporting her is worth more to her than that. Pay attention to what she’s saying and let her know that you’re listening and that you appreciate what she’s saying.

No Michelin Star Restaurant can compare to the feeling she gets when you appreciate her for who she is. She doesn’t want the world. She doesn’t need you to get and she doesn’t even want it for herself. Of course she’s not going to be ungrateful for all the things you get her and while they do make her happy to some degree, what she really wants can’t be bought with money.

No one can set a price when it comes to love and she is definitely not the kind of person you can sway with money and gifts. The attention and love she wants from you can’t be picked up at the mall. She’s looking for someone who will give all the love they have in themselves to give, someone who will treat her like she means the world to them.

Life is short and she knows that all too well so she’ll always go for what really matters – a partner who will make her feel happy, loved and content, a person she can build a life and a family with, who is ready to commit to her in the long run. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy her gifts if you feel like it but rest assured that she won’t expect that from you. As long as you’re as open with her as she is with you and the two of you always have time for each other, she’ll be happy.