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These Men’s Watches Look Way More Expensive Than Their Price Tag

By Prudence Hutt

Watches can pack a big price tag and depending on the features you’re looking for in a timepiece, a watch can set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. While many people now use their phone to tell time, wearing a watch is still a convenient way to stay on schedule and have access to helpful features like alarms and the ability to check time zones, while also completing an outfit. You don’t have to spend a million to look like a million and we’ve selected three men’s watches that are designed for users who are fashion-forward and frugal. F words don’t always have to be bad!

Affordable watches allow users the ability to purchase several watches, adding versatility and options to outfits and enabling users to choose the right watch for each setting. Preparing to travel and need a watch that can keep up with your changing time zones while also looking good during a nice night out and during your morning workout at the hotel gym? We recommend the G-SHOCK Men’s GD 350 Watch. Want something with a more fashion-forward classic style that looks great in the boardroom and while getting drinks on the weekend with friends? Go with a timeless timepiece like the Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch. For occasions when you need a watch that is reliable and multi-functional but not so expensive that you’ll worry about losing or damaging it, we love the dependable and affordable Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch.

If you’re someone who is notorious for losing their watch or you like to have a wide variety when choosing your wristwear every day, these fashionable and affordable watches are perfect for you. They include all the benefits of much more expensive counterparts and look just as expensive, but only you will know that they’re easy on your wallet. It’s ‘time’ to buy a chic and well-priced watch.

1. Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

Available in 14 colors to match anyone’s fashion sense, the Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch is a classic nautical style watch with convenient features including an Indiglo night light and some water resistance.

Pros: The Timex comes in 14 attractive color options, with the nylon slip-thru strap designed to match the watch’s face, which is made from scratch-resistant mineral glass. The traditional watch uses Arabic numbers and military time and is water resistant up to 30m, meaning it can withstand some light splashing. For customers who can’t find a watch strap they like or want to be able to change the look of the watch, the slip-thru strap can easily be swapped out.

Cons: The Timex is not suitable for those who want a watch that can be fully submerged either while swimming or showering. Some customers find that the watch ticks loudly.

Image courtesy of Amazon

2. G-SHOCK Men’s GD 350 Watch

Designed for travelers and those who need a durable watch that will still look good in the office, the G-SHOCK Men’s GD 350 Watch features 35 time zones, can display the name of the city you’re in, adjusts automatically for daylight savings, and is both shock and water resistant.

Pros: The G-SHOCK can handle the demands of travelers and athletes, with 100 cities set for world time, a fully automatic calendar display, a countdown timer, and a stopwatch. Easy to read anywhere thanks to its LED Backlight and flash alert, the G-SHOCK had a vibration alert that can be set for daily alarms (up to five), a countdown timer, and an hourly time signal.

Cons: The G-Shock is the most expensive option on our list. Customers like that the watch has a vibrating alarm instead of the standard beeping alarm that comes with most sports watches but note that the vibration likely isn’t strong enough to wake a person up.

Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch

Made for athletes who want a user-friendly design, the Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch is durable and intuitive, with water-resistance up to 330 feet and a multi-function alarm with snooze.

Pros: The classic Casio style is on full display in the Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch, which features dual time, and LED light with afterglow, and a durable black resin case, bezel and band with an adjustable strap. Digital quartz-powered, the Casio is the best option on our list for swimmers with 330 feet of water resistance.

Cons: Customers love the affordability of the Casio but note that the watch strap isn’t as long lasting as more expensive competitors.

Image courtesy of Amazon