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The Way You’re Holding Your Cell Phone Tells a Lot About Your Personality

By Prudence Hutt

Even the most attentive person can sometimes dismiss or just ignore small personality quirks that don’t seem very significant. The human brain is powerful but it can only focus in a certain number of directions at once. It conserves energy for whatever it gives more importance to.

Due to this, there are certain things we do purely out of habit and muscle memory. Most of the time we aren’t even aware of these small habits even though they can reveal a lot about a person. One such habit is the way people carry their phones.

Research indicates that this one habit alone can reveal a lot about the way people perceive the world and their lifestyles. It seems trivial on the surface but when you dig deep, the wealth of information will surprise you.

Scrolling And Typing With Your Thumb While Holding The Phone In One Hand

A free spirit, you’re an optimist who is always searching for the silver lining even when faced with the darkest of clouds. Even if you’re stuck in the toughest of situation, you always keep up a brave face and retain your optimism. You are well aware that worrying about all the challenges life is throwing at you won’t really solve anything.

With a high level of confidence in your skills, you value yourself highly and you know for sure that you will achieve your goals. Failure isn’t something you think about a lot.

But when it comes to relationships, you are cautious because the idea of committing to one person scares you. This results in you needing more time than others when it comes to making romantic choices.

Scrolling And Typing With Just A Thumb Even While Holding The Phone With Both Hands

Wisdom and practicality are the two traits that define who you are as a person. You work carefully and methodically in everything you do because you need to be certain that you’re going about things the right way and that you’re not making any mistakes.

A heightened sense of intuition makes it difficult for other people to lie to you. You are extremely attentive so you don’t miss out even the smallest details. This also ensures that you are always aware of the mood of the crowd around you and because you’re a naturally nurturing person, you do your best to help those who need assistance.

The way a person conducts themselves on your first date or the first time you meet them is really important to you. You are quick to figure out if they are right for you.

Scrolling And Typing With Both Thumbs While Holding The Phone With Both Hands

Efficiency is your watch-word and this makes you excellent at solving all sorts of issues. Getting work done gives you a sense of satisfaction and your creativity ensures that you always come up with unique ways to solve all kinds of issues.

No matter what sort of situation you are placed in, you always find a way to adapt. This ensures that you do well no matter what your surroundings are. People love having you over at their parties because you are an excellent conversationalist, even with people you’ve just met.

Love is the one thing that is difficult for you. It is not predictable and this throws you off your game. The way you generally deal with things doesn’t work here. So tread carefully in this department!