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Knit What are Quite Possibly the Cutest Slippers You’ve Ever Seen

By Prudence Hutt

should be following Hunter Hammersen if you’re not already. Her photos are beautiful, as are her knitting projects, and you get to see her thought process in action a little bit as she’s developing different patterns.

Recently she’s gone on a couple of flights of fancy and we knitters are here for it. One example is the Abeyance slipper pattern, which she says came about simply because she was struck with the insatiable need to have a pair of slippers with little loops at the back.

The loops aren’t the only sweet detail on these slippers, which can be knit in three sizes and could use DK, light worsted or worsted weight yarn.

The pattern is for intermediate knitters who are good with swatching and reading charts. It runs $7.45 on Ravelry.