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6 Ways How To Be Happy Again

By Prudence Hutt

Post-trauma, it is very hard to finally find happiness in your life. It seems, as if you have hit rock bottom, and nothing could ever bring forth sun light, down into your tunnel, where you find yourself crouched, hoping, against hope, that somehow, you get that smile on your face, and life becomes mellow again.

Here are some things you can let go:


Everyone has grievances in their life. Trying to live with them is always the key. When someone is grieving, it doesn’t necessarily mean, that one needs to grieve throughout their life, and remember only the sad moments that took place. Life is all about change. Nothing remains constant, and hence, even the clouds of grief fade away, to bring forth sunshine. It needs time. Time to heal.

Hesitation To Change

One needs to change in order to completely erase all those moments of gloom. It isn’t that easy to change, agreed, but people do. For life, is just that. Nothing ever remains static. People change, situations change, times change. When you don’t change, you are holding yourself back, which would never bring you up to new opportunities, for you are not aware of what is happening around you, being hesitant to change with the changing times. This prevents you from being happy.

One-Track Mind

This is worse. Never keep a one-track mind about anything. Never think that you are only capable of one particular thing, or that only negativity exists, and nothing else. When you are limiting yourself to one belief, you stop trying to improve, and just live with your general condition, which isn’t what you want it to be. Broaden your horizon, for it leads to happiness. “Every yes we believe is a possible relationship or situation that we invite into our life. From every yes comes a new adventure, a friendship we could never have imagined, or a talent we didn’t know we had. When we let go of limiting beliefs, doors open and our lives change.”

Victim Mentality

Don’t always victimize yourself. Learn to accept the situation as it is, without thinking that the world has made you a scapegoat, for all its follies. You aren’t the only one, that is troubled. Life, is seldom a bed of roses, and is more of dynamites, and grenades. Happiness comes, when you learn to adapt. As Bear Grylls says, “Adapt. Improvise. Overcome”. Situation is hard, learn to be tougher.


The past is always a sore spot, for all. Everyone has done things in their past, that they regret, and wish it were something different. But, that thought is harmful, for it doesn’t lead you to happiness, but retrospection, which isn’t good in this situation. You continuously second guess every decision, for you never know what would help you.

The  Present

Even when you are living in the present, people consider it to be different than what it truly is. Never think that. Live in the moment, for that is all you have. Trying to imagine a different present, is like imagining a new you. That, isn’t feasible, or helpful.