25 Long Blonde Wavy Hair


Some people are born with straight hair and many of us believe that they are blessed. However, there are many of us who are born with naturally wavy or curly hair and we just know how to rock those waves and curls so that they draw attention! If you are one of these people or if you are having trouble trying to find a new hairstyle that will make you look gorgeous, then this article with hairstyles that include long blonde wavy hairstyles is just for you! In this article, we offer you some amazing wavy blonde hairstyles for long hair that will have you as the center of attention! If you are a brunette or a redhead or whatever else you may find, and you are looking to try out a new color, why not be adventurous and go blonde? After all, people do say that blondes have more fun! Though this might not be all true, blonde definitely is a beautiful hair color and, like the other hair colors out there, can range from ash blonde to strawberry blonde! You could go to your salon and have your hair dyed in whichever blonde suits you best and maybe even add some highlights or some color streaks if you would like. After you have done the dying and all the coloring you desire, you can then get started and style it. After all, this is a wavy hairstyle! All you need to do is to have your hair curled and there you have it! You can wear this in a ponytail or loose, whichever is more comfortable! So, have fun with your new look!

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1-Long Blonde Wavy Hair

Long Blonde Wavy Hair, Blonde Hair Long Beach

2-Choppy Layered Long Hair

Choppy Layered Long Hair, Blonde Balayage Hair Dark

3-Cute Simple Half Up

Cute Simple Half Up, Hair Long Styles Hairtyles

4-Wavy Style

Wavy Style, Hair Wavy Long Blonde

5-Light Brown and Blonde

Light Brown and Blonde, Hair Long Styles Ombre

6- Wavy Hair with Highlights

Blonde Hair Balayage Long

7- Long Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Styles Long

8- Long Hair

Blonde Hair Balayage Wavy

9- Half Updo Wavy Hairstyle

Hair Capelli Styles Hairtyles

10- Cute Waves

Blonde Hair Natural Hairtyles

11- Wavy Layered Hair

Hair Blonde Wavy Long

12- Long Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Color Hairtyles

13- Long Wavy Hair

Hair Blonde Amanda Golden

14- Ombre Hairstyle

Blonde Hair Balayage Hairtyles

15- Long Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Balayage Wavy

16- Ash Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde Hair Ash Balayage

17- Wavy Hair with Braid

Braid Hair Long Hairtyles

18- Beachy Waves

Blonde Hair Long Beach

19- Summer Long Hairstyle

Hair Blonde Balayage Hairtyles

20- Fancy Wavy Curls

Hair Blonde Balayage Waves

21- Long Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Balayage Long

22- Beachy Style

Hair Blonde Balayage Wavy

23- Messy Wavy Hair

Hair Balayage Thin Hairtyles

24- Balayage Face-framing Hairstyle

Balayage Hair Blonde Wavy

25- Wavy Half Updos

Hair Wavy Long Hairtyles

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